The Brand

Belo; (beautiful or of excellent quality) is a Portuguese term that defines the company as a brand. We value the quality in not only our product but our people. We believe that to be beautiful is to first have a beautiful soul, and be quality beings.  In addition to the spiritual, you have to look good. We value quality over quantity always! Legend; a legend is a person in total worth of respect. And that’s simple. Quality people are effective leaders who are well respected. We should all aspire to be a Legend.
Meet The Brand Owner & Designer
 Jassonah Pettaway
Jassonah is a self taught designer, creative director and mogul who has had dreams of becoming a world-renowned designer since a young age. She began designing, sewing and tailoring clothing at age of 7. Today she aspires to brand Belo Legend to be one of the top urban luxury brands that not only inspires all to look better, but to do better. A brand for living legends!
"It's about what you stand for, not just what you stand in." -Jassonah